We, at Caroline's Market, want to share our thoughts on our business plan moving forward. Our desire is to continue to provide "ready-to-go meals" as usual. The kitchen is working very hard to increase and maintain our product inventory along with our product variety.
Presently we now have,  a "drive-up/curbside" option that will allow you to remain in your car as we package your order and bring it out to you. There is a large sandwich board in front of the shop that lists all the available options we have, plus we are constantly adding new choices.
Our kitchen has always maintained very strict and tight procedures for hand-washing, sanitizing surfaces and disposable glove use. We are constantly getting new and helpful information from DHEC to support our efforts. My eyes are on everyone and everything constantly.

We have a great plan in action and we are hoping this will work with your daily life as we navigate the next few months.
Here are your options of how pick up works... 
The day before official "Pick up Day " by 10 am we will send out a fresh Menu.

On Tuesday by 10 am, we will send out a menu for the offering what will be available on Wednesday 11-3 p.m.

On Thursday, we will send  the menu offerings by 10 a.m.  that will be available on Friday between  11-3 p.m.

*Please note, until further notice, we will be operating under these new hours 10am-4pm.

Menu for Friday, April 10 th  Pick up  11am-3pm

Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya
(Casserole Style)  $28

* Eggplant Parmesan  $26

Grilled Chicken with Farro
and Sizzled Vegetables  $24

Basil and Ricotta Stuffed Shells 
with Meat Sauce  $28

Caroline’s Easter Menu
Menu for pickup Friday, April 10th Pick up 11am-3pm

*Deviled Eggs (9 per tin) $11

Ham Biscuits (1 dozen) $21

*Squash Casserole $24

Carrot Vichyssoise $20

*Cold Lemon Souffle with fresh local
 strawberries $28

*Traditional Mac & Cheese $22

Thank you, see you Friday!

* Vegetarian Option

Don't forget to check out our chalkboard 
for  additional menu options.